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Uknown artist in Echo Park, L.A. Compliments of The Dirt Floor.


Street Art View

If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Technology moves so rapidly, with constant news feeds and digital resources, that it is hard to keep track of goings-on, where and whens without feeling overwhelmed. Do not fret, art lovers, we are here to present you with two new helpful online sources. Google Art Project, launched in early February, offers digitized collections and tours from a cohort of the world’s best museums. Now the Street Art View project uses Google’s Street View option to showcase crowd-sourced pictures of street art from around the globe. The audacious project is not of Google origin, but instead is the collective creation of the makers, producers Red Bull and the Brazilian ad agency Loducca.

Visitors to the Street Art View website can peruse a map, with markers indicating locations where other users have discovered mural artwork. Users can contribute to the collective hive by tagging images themselves.

While the image quality leaves much to be desired, it’s still cool to find hidden works by the likes of Space Invader, Banksy, Blue, ROA and more.


Banksy: Publicity Stunt or the Real Deal?

As fans and art enthusiasts must know by now, Banksy’s film Exit Through The Gift Shop has been nominated for an Oscar. Speculations arise as to who will accept the awards if he wins, but it looks like he made the trip to Los Angeles just the same.

Completely out of character, Banksy has launched, what appears to be a pre-Oscar campaign. Contrary to his usual guerrilla style, the compilation of these works are the anti-Banksy Banksy. The appearance of photos of these pieces on the artists’ own website seems to confirm his authorship, but there were questions over whether it was really in line with his usual anarchistic, satirical content. Perhaps this taste of Hollywood stardom has left the elusive artist just that — SO Hollywood.

A more positive perspective? Maybe the escape from gloomy ole London and the hop-skip to the land of beach babes and pastel-Ray-Ban-wearing youth of all ages has affected the artist’s style with a more lighthearted, easygoing, objective.

Mixed reviews from bloggers and critics are fluttering around the Internet. How do you feel about the hype? Discuss here.

And just in time for the commotion, Exit Through The Gift Shop‘s Mr. Brainwash (Thierry Guetta) is capitalizing on, er, celebrating, the film’s nomination with more L.A. street art.


Wooster Collective on Kickstarter.com

GGG is proud to support the Wooster Collective in its launch of “Wooster Collective Curated Kickstarter Project Page” on the motivational and inspirational website Kickstarter.com.

The Wooster Collective is husband-and-wife team Marc and Sara Schiller. Celebrating contemporary urban art, their mission is to discover and document authentic art experiences via salons, books, gallery shows and, of course, their renowned website.

Beginning this month, the Wooster Collective will be showcasing Kickstarter projects that they love and support on both Kickstarter.com and on the Wooster Collective page. The curated projects won’t be limited to street art and will be updated each week.

So let’s lend a hand and support Marc and Sara’s curated pages — chances are if you follow WC, you will back these budding projects, too.


Street Art Loves You

Somebody in _____ loves me. Whether Valentine’s Day is your favorite holiday or you despise the icky thought of it, we are bring you these sweet treats from around the globe.


La La Land

What isn’t going on in California right now? Just when it seems the dust is settling from the excitement of the Los Angeles Art Fairs, more bombs are coming up and going off in the streets.

Check out Revok’s latest masterpiece, brought to us by Arrested Motion:

A little more from the man of the moment here!

Kid Zoom visits downtown LA from down under, and  throws up on the Freewalls. Courtesy of Jetset Graffiti:

Moving a little further north, London-based artist INSA has the San Francisco scene talking with his mural on Scott and Oak, and his upcoming solo exhibition at Fifty24 Gallery.


REVOK is Dead

Do not resuscitate!


Hey Laddie – face time with London Police

The London Police and their friends are in town.


GGG: The Book

Fresh Produce will make your mouth water. Take a bite out of this! Sneak peek of GGG: The Book — hot off the press.


2010 Primary Flight Map Released


Primary Flight has released its official 2010 map. Primary Flight is Miami’s original open-air museum and street-level mural installation that takes place annually throughout the Wynwood Arts District and the Miami Design District. Primary Flight is arguably the world’s largest event of its kind, having featured more than 250 world-class artists from around the globe since its inception, the majority of whom travel to Miami during Art Basel. Artists from all walks of contemporary art headline the annual event, collaborating on high-profile walls throughout Miami’s urban landscape. Maps outlining the installation are circulated, providing patrons with an opportunity to view the works in progress.