FAILE for NYCB Art Series

Brooklyn-based street artists FAILE (Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller) partnered up with the New York City Ballet! FAILE dreamed up an exhibition to launch The New York City Ballet Art Series, which will be on display during the May 29 performance. It’s a pretty sick deal for only $29 and every member of the audience will “receive a limited-edition work made specifically for this event.” For more information, click here.

*image from FAILE’s website

Edo Pop

The Japan Society in New York is exhibiting Edo Pop: The Graphic Impact of Japanese Prints through Sunday, June 9. The show “juxtaposes classic ukiyo-e prints from such masters as Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige with contemporary works inspired by these artists and their works.” Among the contemporary artists featured is Japanese graffiti artist AIKO.

*image from AIKO’s website


Graffiti artist and GGG veteran COPE2 exhibited work at the Gallery 69 in New York City. Hypnotic wrapped up March 2, but some pictures from the show, including the one below, can be found here.


POW WOW 2013

Hawaii’s annual street and graffiti show, POW WOW (which took place mid-February) resulted in some amazing murals. Designed to bring artists together from across the globe, POW WOW provides a space for creative freedom, where people can watch artists in action. At the end of the week, walking through the neighborhood is like walking through an outdoor art gallery. POW WOW founders have certainly started an awesome, engaging show that has continually drawn in top artists. One of our favorites is the bird mural by DAL. For more on POW WOW, click here.

Eduardo Kobra for Oscar Niemeyer

There have been a lot of incredible dedications to the late Oscar Niemeyer since his death in December 2012. We posted about Wallpaper magazine’s feature last week and we’re excited to share the recent mural by artist Eduardo Kobra. Kobra completed a 180-foot, colorful art work of Niemeyer in the financial district of Sao Paulo. For more on this, click here (photo courtesy of Design Taxi).

Oscar Niemeyer in Wallpaper*

Famed Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer passed away on December 5, 2012 at the age of 104. He was a huge inspiration to the SUSHISAMBA brand. Upon learning of his death, our Founder and CEO of SUSHISAMBA and brainchild of GGG, Shimon Bokovza, reflected on his incredible influence, “Niemeyer captures the essence of Brazil in his work: imagination, freedom of expression and the new frontier. His architectural wealth is only matched by the beauty of the Amazon. He has influenced everything that we do from color palette to architecture. His projects – brilliant and monumental – will continue to inspire us for years.” In its recent addition, Wallpaper* magazine included a beautiful 28-page tribute to Niemeyer and his incredible work. We highly recommend picking up a copy. Click here for more information. (pictures below courtesy of Wallpaper* online).


Case and Lazoo Mural in São Paulo

Street artists Case (Andreas von Chrzanowski) and Lazoo recently completed a mural (pictured below) in São Paulo, Brazil. The creatives are in Brazil for the 2nd Bienal Graffiti Fine Art at MuBE. Photo courtesy of Street Art News.

Jetsonorama in Rio

Brooklyn Street Art recently posted a moving article on artist Jetsonorama’s visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While in Rio, Jetsonorama went to Rocinha, “one of the largest slums in the world,” where he learned about the Green My Favela initiative and installed a symbolic mural. For more on this, visit Brooklyn Street Art’s website. (photo courtesy of BK Street Art)

Aakash Nihalani

We like how calculating (no pun intended) Nihalani was in searching out art space in New York City. Photo below courtesy of UNURTH Street Art.



Art Basel 2012

We’re excited to see the shows at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach! We are particularly enamored by South African artist DAL’s murals (which he completed prior to the fair’s opening). For more on this, visit (courtesy of the photo of DAL’s work below).

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