GGG proudly presented the designs of Marc Fornes, Volkan Alkanoglu, Billi Kid and other prominent street and graffiti artists, architects and designers who have challenged, and continue to challenge, the status quo in urban contemporary art and design during its 5th exhibition in December 2011. The inventiveness that permeate their respective processes of design – from their original visions to the unique methodologies they employ in the fabrication of their work – reflected the philosophy upon which GGG was founded. From a monumental installation made of more than 12,000 unique parts to modern furniture to pieces of the NBA All Star Game basketball court re-imagined, the designs at this year’s show was a testament to the progressive nature of the field of urban contemporary art and design.

With the artists gathered alongside their fellow street artisans — dancers, musicians, food vendors and other urbanites — GGG creates a unified platform that celebrates the ethos of urban culture. It seems only fitting that SUSHISAMBA, which was born of the energy and spirit of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, music and design, would host such an exciting and cohesive event.

GGG is the brainchild of SUSHISAMBA founder Shimon Bokovza, who has consistently demonstrated his support for street art. In addition to producing and underwriting previous exhibitions, he has commissioned site-specific street art in SUSHISAMBA restaurants throughout the country and now internationally in London. “We would only call upon the best talent to execute a dream that was sparked with the inception of Art Basel Miami Beach,” Bokovza says of GGG.

SUSHISAMBA’s ongoing appreciation of urban contemporary art has been reflected in the annual GGG exhibition and demonstrates the transformation of what was once viewed as a rogue art form into a respected niche with an exponentially growing fan base.


SUSHISAMBA is a lifestyle group with a deep passion for art, food, music and entertainment. Encouraging the breakdown of barriers, SUSHISAMBA uses cultural inspiration to create a unique vision that champions advancements in cuisine, music, design and the arts.