Graffiti Gone Global powered by SUSHISAMBA®, is an annual exhibition of urban contemporary art, running parallel to Art Basel Miami Beach. Since its inception in 2007, GGG has showcased an international ensemble of street and graffiti artists whose work transcends the boundaries between the street and the gallery.

GGG creates a unified platform that celebrates the ethos of urban culture. It is only fitting that SUSHISAMBA, which was born of the energy and spirit of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine, would host such an exciting and cohesive event.

In its fifth edition, GGG welcomes French architect, Marc Fornes, who has transformed traditional notions of architecture, defying the most inventive of imaginations. Fornes’ work for GGG – Labrys Frisae – will seduce viewers, leaving them mesmerized by his ability to seamlessly transform mathematical protocol into a large-scale, tangible structure. GGG also welcomes architect Volkan Alkanoglu who has implemented his research of material properties to manipulate the curvature and spatial layout of his projects in inconceivable ways. At GGG, he will reveal Public Figure, which demonstrates his architectural mastery and his interest in sustainable design.

Finally, GGG welcomes curator and artist, Billi Kid, the creative behind SUSHISAMBA’s permanent collection: the “Eames Inspiration.” This year, Kid will showcase his most recent project, “The Art of Basketball” by Public Works Department featuring sections of the NBA All Star Game basketball court re-imagined by street artists. The assemblage of classic furniture with street appeal and the court floor customized by artists remind us of the dynamic nature of urban design, which can take life in a myriad of mediums that extend beyond the purview of the street.

The art and design at this year’s show speaks to the ever-evolving nature of GGG and is reflective of the brand’s appreciation for, and cultivation of, progressive forms of art that challenge conventional standards. We invite you to share our enthusiasm for the ingenuity of this group of artists, who have effectively drawn inspiration from the urban landscape to produce remarkable and revolutionary art.

- Shimon Bokovza, SUSHISAMBA® Founder and Managing Partner